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1. Who is KGK International?

KGK International is a subsidiary of Kanematsu KGK Corporation, one of the world’s largest international trading companies with a network of worldwide offices. KGK-­I imports and sells Seibu EDMs in the North American machine tool market.

2. Where are Seibu EDMs made?

Seibu wire EDMs are manufactured at their ISO certified factory located in Fukuoka, Japan

3. How long has Seibu been making wire EDMs?

Seibu built the world's 1st CNC wire EDM in 1972.

4. Who supplies service?

Seibu factory trained service technicians will install, and provide service.

5. Where can Seibu parts?

KGK inventories all consumable and spare parts.

6. Who provides training?

Our application engineers provide one week of on-­site training and follow up visits.

7. Whose controller is used?

Fanuc controllers (31iWB) are used on all Seibu wire EDMs.

8. How long is the machine warranty?

All Seibu wire EDMs come with a one warranty and the FANUC control, drives and motors comes with a two year warranty. 

9. Where can I see the Seibu EDM?

We have demo machines located in our Chicago showroom an at many of of dealer locations thtough the U.S.

10. What makes Seibu unique from their competitors?

Seibu wire EDMs target the high end precision wire EDM market. Seibu machines are not mass produced. Only 30 to 40 individually created high quality Seibu machines are hand crafted per month. Seibu high precision wire EDMs aree designed to last and produce consistent results. We don't claim to be the biggest but we do claim to be the best. Contact us for a test cut and we'll prove it.


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