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Seibu high precision wire EDMs are 100% made in Japan. They are the only EDM manufacturer who guarantees a pitch accuracy down to +/- 1 micron. Although new to the U.S. market, Seibu has a long history. They created the world's first CNC wire EDM in 1972. The wire EDMs are built in Seibu's ISO certified factory in Koga City, Fukuoka Perfecture which is located in southern Japan. Seibu machines target the high end precision wire EDM market which requires a quality machine designed to last and produce consistent results for 25+ years. Only 30 to 40 individually hand crafted per month. Seibu manufacturing philosophy is about quality and not quantity. All machine castings are hand scraped which uses a blade to remove high spots left behind during the machinng process resulting in improved part geometry, repeatability, and surface finish. Guideways are checked for flatness, lasered for straightness, and test cuts are performed on all machines which are checked on a CMM for accuracy. Since Seibu wire EDMs are manufactured in Japan, they are built for precision and will outlast  an out perform the competition.


MB Series: High Speed - Precision Wire EDMs
pitch positioning accuracy of ±3 microns

Model M35B M50B M75B
X,Y,Z axis travels 14"x10"x9" 20"x14"x12" 30" x 20" x 12.5"
wire diameter .004" - .012" .004" - .012" .004" - .012"

MMB Series: High Speed – High Precision Wire EDMs
pitch positioning accuracy of ±2 microns

Model MM35B MM50B MM75B
X,Y,Z axis travels 14"x10"x7.9" 20"x14"x11" 30" x 20" x 11"
wire diameter .003" - .012" .003" - .012" .003" - .012"

Ultra MMB Series: High Speed - Ultra Precision Wire EDMs
pitch positioning accuracy of ±1 micron

Model Ultra MM50B
X,Y,Z axis travels 20"x14"x11"
wire diameter .002" - .012"

M25LP: Ultra Precision Oil Type Wire EDM

pitch positioning accuracy of ±1 micron

Model M25LP
X,Y,Z axis travels 10"x10"x8"
wire diameter .002" - .008"

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