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KGK International Corp.

KGK International is a subsidiary of Kanematsu KGK Corporation, one of the world’s largest international trading companies with a network of worldwide offices. KGK International was established in 1981 to import and distribute high quality Japanese machine tools to manufacturers throughout North America. KGK-I imports and supports:

KGK-I HQ is located in the Chicago suburbs of Elk Grove Village, IL and is only a 10 minute drive from O'Hare airport.

As a company specializing in quality machine tools, KGK International will continue to provide high-value added products and services and support U.S. manufacturing on the factory site through combined total power of its engineering operations.

Company History

May 1963 Founded Fine Kuroda Services Corp.

June 1967 Changed company name from Fine Kuroda Services Corp to Kanematsu Gosho Machine tool Sales Corp.

January 1969 Founded head office with a showroom, and moved to current address.

July 1970 Changed company name from Kanematsu Gosho Machine tool Sales Corp to Kanematsu Gosho Machine tool Corp.

October 1981 Established KGK International Corp. (Head office: Chicago, the U.S.A.)

December 1985 Changed company name to KGK Corp.

September 1991 New head office premises built.

August 1992 Changed company name to Kanematsu KGK Corp. (current company name)

March 2000 Acquired shares and the ownership of Kanematsu Industrial Machinery Corp. from Kanematsu Corp.

April 2001 Took over commercial right of industrial machinery from Kanematsu Corp and integrated Kanematsu Machinery Corp.

April 2002 Merged with Kanematsu Industrial Machinery Corp.

August 2002 Established KGK Engineering(Thai)Co.,Ltd. (Head office: Bangkok, Thailand)

June 2004 Established Kanematsu KGK Trade & Sales(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. (Head office: Shanghai, China)

December 2004 Established KGK Engineering Co., Ltd.

June 2005 Merged with Japan US Machinery Corp.

August 2006 KGK Trade & Sales(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.(Head office: Shanghai, China) established Dalian office, China.

June 2007 Established KGK Czech s.r.o. (Head office: Prague, Czech Republic)

October 2010 Established KGK Engineering(Thai)Co.,Ltd. Korat Office (Thailand)

April 2013 Established PT.Kanematsu KGK Indonesia Jakarta Head Office (Jakarta, Indonesia)

April 2013 Established Kanematsu KGK Vietnam Co.,Ltd. Hanoi Head Office (Head office: Vietnam, Hannoi)

June 2013 Kanematsu KGK Vietnam Co.,Ltd. Ho Chi Minh City Office (Vietnam)

June 2013 KGK Trade & Sales(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.(Head office: Shanghai, China) established Shenzhen office, China.

September 2013 Merged with KGK Trade & Sales(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.(Head office: Shanghai, China).

September 2014 KGK Engineering(Thai)Co.,Ltd. established Pinthong Office (Thailand)

November 2014 Established PT.Kanematsu KGK Indonesia Jababeka Office (Indonesia)

September 2015 Established KGK ENGINEERING MEXICANA S.A.DE C.V. (Head office Mexico)

November 2015 Established Taipei Representative office (Taiwan)

December 2015 Established Kanematsu KGK Vietnam Co.,Ltd. Hai Phong Office (Vietnam)